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Although they significantly improved the way we design software, they had relatively little impact on how we implement it.

Except rare exceptions like the ‘using’ or ‘lock’ keywords, most patterns must still be implemented by hand, resulting in large quantities of boilerplate code that must be validated by peer review.

Case studies apply 2316 refactorings in 8 public Java SPLs and show that X15 is as efficient, expressive, and scalable as a state-of-the-art feature-unaware Java refactoring engine. Despite this, refactoring engines have languished behind research.

Modern IDEs offer no means to sequence refactorings to automate program changes.

Pull requests will be merged when their votes reach 20.However, smarter compilers and development tools could do a better job by automatically implementing part of the pattern and automatically validating the other part that has been implemented manually.This talk advocates for a better integration of pattern thinking in the whole development cycle.With this motivation in mind, this dissertation makes three contributions to address these issues: First, we present the Java API library, called R2, to script Eclipse refactorings to retrofit design patterns into existing programs. Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

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