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This has led some scholars to believe lemon juice, grape juice, or vinegar was used as an acidic agent to jumpstart the electrochemical reaction with the two metals. John Simpson of the Near Eastern department of the British Museum, their original excavation and context were not well recorded (see stratigraphy), so evidence for this date range is very weak.Knig thought the objects might be Parthian (between 250 BC and 224 AD) because the village where they were excavated was Parthian. Furthermore, the style of the pottery (see typology) is Sassanid (224-640), so they are probably much more recent than Knig thought.Wilhelm König found the objects in the collection of the National Museum of Iraq, or possibly dug them up himself at a place called Khujut Rabu, depending on which account you're reading.Certainly there is no reliable documentation of the archeological dig, nor enough information about the stratigraphy to date the finds from their archeological context.The copper cylinder is not watertight, so when the jar was filled with a liquid, this would surround the iron rod as well.The artifact had been exposed to the weather and had suffered corrosion, although mild given the presence of an electrochemical couple.

His speculation was based in part on the observation that the iron rods appeared to have been corroded by contact with an acid.The Baghdad Battery is the common name for a number of artifacts apparently discovered in the village of Khuyut Rabbou'a (near Baghdad, Iraq) in 1936.These artifacts came to wider attention in 1938, when Wilhelm Knig, the German director of the National Museum of Iraq, found the objects in the museum's collections, and (in 1940, having returned to Berlin due to illness) published a paper speculating that they may have been galvanic cells, perhaps used for electroplating gold onto silver objects.Replicas that have been made since then can produce small mounts of electricity, proving the battery’s capabilities, but the question of what the battery was used for many never be answered.Is the Voynich Manuscript evidence of a forgotten civilization, or merely an elaborate hoax?

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