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One mom shared, “It is awful and I’m so thankful I can at least talk about it with people who understand. As a motherless/fatherless 19-year-old I did not have the opportunity to experience adult estrangement.I felt so alone.” There is, as AF said, “No greater pain.” How do we, as surviving mamas, try to live a life with joy and meaning? Indeed, I often longed to have parents whom I could rebel against!I once heard someone refer to family life as a crucible.

Check his credentials: If you have a toddler or baby and the guy is okay with dating you, then this next step is important.

And few scenes are as exhilarating as watching a kayaker navigate roaring rapids.

Along with the passion and skill kayakers bring to their sport, they have many qualities that carry over...

It is the contrast between the magic years and these tragic years that makes the estrangement a shock. If you have been abused by your parents, you have suffered an unthinkable harm.

Some readers challenged the narrative that we were decent moms. I stay away from my family after years of being treated poorly… Sometimes you have to sever ties for your own sake and sanity.” Most of us are grieved to hear from women who never had a special relationship with their parents. Indeed, many of us have spent years in therapy unraveling our own upbringing so that we could do a better job with our kids. Get some counsel so you can move past your pain and make a wonderful life!

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