Dating a borderline male

Coming up with strategies for dealing with your partner's extreme behaviors will help you keep your sanity.For example, if your partner accuses you of not caring about him, you can walk away rather than crying.How many times have you met a man who by all intents and purposes seems like your perfect match?

Having a relationship with a loved one with BPD means that you will have to find a way to manage your behaviors so you can manage their behaviors.

Among the down low men, the cheaters, the con artists and the play boys, there is a more sinister man lurking: the Sociopath.

You’re probably thinking you can spot a psycho from a mile away, but you’re wrong. He wants you to feel sorry for his abusive childhood, psychotic ex, troubles at work or financial setbacks.

If you’re looking for a condition that blends anxiety, depression, OCD, disordered eating, anger issues, and more into the world’s least appealing smoothie, BPD is for you.

Having BPD is like living in a bubble floating in a hazy world of detachment.

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This might increase if you do not emotionally respond to them; that is, if you do not hop on their emotional rollercoaster and get upset as well.

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