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For experienced users, you may choose one of two different single page dating engines, for either glass or pottery bottles.

Only bottles from Canada and the United States are currently supported, and dating ends at 1920.

One approach to helping beginner identify their old bottles involves show them the bases of old bottles.

Note that these bottles originally had paper labels - the ones with labels intact are worth much more.

When asking a question, be sure to indicate if the bottle has a paper label or not.

There are also many commemorative Pepsi bottles that had limited distribution to celebrate a special event/person like a ncaa championship or nascar driver.

Hopefully this database will be of some help to those who are attempting to assign an approximate date range to a particular bottle, assuming it carries an identifiable glass manufacturer’s mark. Co.” Also, the abbreviation “Co” (Company) sometimes may be found embossed with either an upper- or lower-case “O” on various bottles made by the same manufacturer.

be a glass manufacturer’s mark and so may not be listed here. Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base.

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