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People on the internet have been joking about what would have happened if Wodark said no.She says her now-fiancee told her he had a pretty good idea she’d say yes – and that if she didn’t, he already has plenty of tattoos, so he could have just laughed it off.The bird apparently represents the seagull from “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” a story about a seagull learning to fly.In late August of 2012, Justin received this mysterious crown tattoo.The tattoo artist Jon Boy explained it represents the star’s “journey with finding purpose in God.” David Beckham Wings Where: Neck Why: A statement shirt-collar accessory, the two wings are nearly identical to David Beckham’s controversial angel neck wings from 2004. The Crown Where: Right collarbone Why: Some fans think this is a tribute to king of pop Michael Jackson, one of Bieber’s idols.(The collective fan board gasp: People called Beckham a “hooligan”! This massive cross was accidentally revealed in 2014 while the Biebs faced a flurry of criminal charges — his dad shared a cute snap of Justin asleep next to his half-brother. 1975 Roman Numerals Where: Left collarbone (this is a reverse mirror shot) Why: Sweetly, it’s the year his mom, Pattie Mallette, was born. Seagull Where: Left hip (another reverse mirror shot)Why: His first-ever tattoo, inked for his sweet 16 in Toronto.The four-inch inscription reads "Love Yourself First" in Arabic and was done by New York tattoo artist Bang Bang Mc Curdy. It's always this fool," Gomez posted on Instagram about the man behind the majority of her tattoos.Taylor Swift's bestie Ed Sheeran literally has arm-fulls of tattoos that include a penguin, tea cup, a LEGO and of course a Teddy bear.

One working theory, by Justin Bieber, is it's a symbol for being the new “king of pop.”Skipping ahead a few tattoos, in January 2013, Justin added a very special tattoo to his growing collection. Here's a brief history of how the star got so inked.According to Pop Start, Justin got inked in March 2010 at the Son of a Gun Tattoo and Barbershop in Toronto by a lifelong friend of his dad.Prior to inking himself with the Greek symbol for Christ (the big X on his left arm), the Biebs already received tattoos of praying hands, a portrait of Jesus and a Hebrew tattoo of the name “Jesus.”By April 2014, Bieber had hella tattoos, but what's one more, right?With social media capturing every moment of our lives, celebrities can share special moments with their fans and the world at the touch of a button.

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