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The plan was originally to have Reigns face Lesnar at Wrestle Mania next year, and Reigns would win in their […] Event: WWE Great Balls Of Fire Pay-Per-View Event Airdate: Sunday, July 9th, 2017 Location: The American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas Results by Jason Namako of The “Then. Video package on the […] UPDATE x 2: According to sources, Austin Aries did not actually ask for his WWE release. However, even though Aries did not allegedly ask to be released from WWE, he was apparently thrilled when he was handed down the release. In the past, we always thought you are someone who cool and grave. Director: Lee Byung-Hoon , Writer: Kim Young-Hyun or Kim Yi-Young. I doubt it, him being a mummy's boy his mummy will not accept anyone for her son but herself. LSJ is one of my favorite but I feel very disappointed that he has made no movie/drama lately! Our Seojinnie has become so popular lately thanks to Three Meals a Day. Isn't it time for Lee Seo Jin to be married with children? Is he still actively involved in the industary in addition to his "serious" day job? I am from Romania (Europe) and a fan of Korean dramas. Had never seen Uee before but the chemistry was off the charts. In three meals a day, he is more of a funny, happy, relax guy and having a good times with friends. hi mr lee seojin, you have an amazing talent, keep up the work, be humble and generos..i love the way you smile (nice dimples) i'll always watching ''wonderful days''.to see you in person.. If he was, he wouldn't be an actor he would just be a financier. Getting married so that you won't be alone or because that's what you're "supposed" to do is a lousy reason to get married. -Brand) Pay-Per-View Event Airdate: Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 Location: The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Results by Adam Martin of The “Then. As of now, the plan is still set to have Brock Lesnar vs.

Julie down here in Uganda is a big Korean Drama/Movie Fan (y) ;) Big Up! It is quite a long time since I have no news about Seo Jin activity as an actor! So reminds me of Stir of Echoes movies with Kevin Bacon; the premise of an avenging ghost!

I don't watch kdrama but after watching marriage contract I fall in love with him His lovely dimples make my day. You are so damn awesome and Korean movies/dramas especially the historicals are just so damn cool. i have watched - Phoenix, Lovers, Wonderful Days, Freeze and just finished Yi San..please continue your awesomeness... Someone please consider casting Mr Lee Seo-jin in an epic Korean drama remake of "The Count of Monte Cristo". Just watched wonderful days and found lee seo jin is awesome. In Yi San, YOU AND SUNG SONG YEON IS JUST THE PERFECT COUPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN....u can try it out if u are still single and of course if she is also single. seojin wish you good luck be happy w/ your family we wish to see you here in phillippines, sooner we saw you at yisan or lee san at GMA7 we are very blessing shower to you...

Really great acting in MC, looking forward to discovering more! : P Lee Seo-Jin you are just the best, a very extra-ordinary actor especially when you Casted in Yi-San and now i crave to watch Gye-Baek and elsewhere u cast man!! I guess since his last relationship he has cold feet, can't upset mummy. If all men were to be like u then the world will be a better place for we ladies. Talent is neva enough, i know dat its bcos of ur passion for acting dat makes ur fans out here creep to watch films u feature.

Accidentally, the raft overturned as he tried to dislodge the figure from a rock and Ainsworth fell into the river.

To his horror, he realized that the figure was not a mannequin, but a dead woman.

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A young black woman's face was floating just beneath the surface of the water, her body swaying beneath her with the current.

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