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Moreover, these mostly neglect the cooperativity exhibited by zinc fingers.

Here, we present an ab-initio method that is based on mutation of the key α-helical residues of individual fingers of the parent template for Zif-268 and its consensus sequence (PDB ID: 1AAY).

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We also place emphasis on the discovery of effectors, difficulties associated with predicting the effector repertoire, and fungal genomic features that have helped promote effector diversity leading to fungal evolution.

Pathogenic fungi have diverse growth lifestyles that support fungal colonization on plants. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2958.2006.05076.x Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Gout, L., Kuhn, M.

Successful colonization and infection for all lifestyles depends upon the ability to modify living host plants to sequester the necessary nutrients required for growth and reproduction. L., Vincenot, L., Bernard-Samain, S., Cattolico, L., Barbetti, M., et al. Genome structure impacts molecular evolution at the Avr Lm1 avirulence locus of the plant pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans.

To color by HEK293 abundance, click the More information for both the nodes and the edges can be obtained by clicking on either the node or edge.

This includes links to Uniprot references for each protein and the probability of interaction for each edge.

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Node information from the core network can be found in the node table at the bottom of each page.

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