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Speaking in Cape Town in spring, she said: ‘Yes he’s going through this huge transition but at the end of the day he’s not a celebrity to me and he’s never treated himself like that and I don’t treat him like that, I don’t bring that in to my life.’In January it was suggested the glamorous pair was even engaged – rumors Gabriel was quick to quell on Twitter.

Dozens of intimate photos posted on their social media pages also gave the appearance of a couple very much in love.

Consequently, each of the components of the LS counting system needs to be totally optimised for low-level counting, so as to maintain high counting efficiency whilst significantly reducing the background.

The 'total optimisation concept' (Polach, 1987; p.8) has been applied in the design of the Perkin Elmer 1220 Quantulus.

Papa Bol (Benjur Evangelista) is the latest addition to the Barangay DJs and is also the new host of the primetime on-air dating program Liza: Yes, very much so.I took up BA Broadcast Communication at the University of the Philippines Diliman and we had several radio subjects. Papa Kiko: Yes, I took up AB Communication in college, though radio wasn’t my first real job at all.I used to be a fast-food crew while schooling and taught theater performance in different schools, before having a chance to be on commercial radio. Liza: My college classmate was on her way to an audition for student DJs at 97.1 Barangay LS which was Campus Radio back then.Papa Bol (Benjur Evangelista) is the new host of the on-air dating program Wanted Sweetheart, Ate Liza (Eliza de la Fuente) hosts Three Play Sayawan and Saturday Top 3, Papa Kiko (Erwin David) is the host of Talk to Papa, Papa Marky (Mark London Guiling) has been hosting Talk Back for over two years now, Papa Obet (Earl John Mendoza Ablao) hosts Three Play Next to Christmas, summer is the most-awaited season of the year, especially for students who will get to have a month or two of respite from school.While for those graduating from college, it also signifies the season of triumph for surviving four (or usually more) years of tertiary education as well as beginning of a new chapter, establishing their own career and facing the real world.

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