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Physical findings in patients with early disease are as follows: In patients with late disease, the typical physical finding is arthritis.

Not all patients with Lyme disease have all symptoms, and many of the symptoms are not specific to Lyme disease, but can occur with other diseases, as well.Since Western blot testing is necessary to exclude false-positive EIA or IFA results, but unnecessary if the initial test is negative, Lyme titers should always be ordered with a reflex confirmatory test.Most commercial laboratories will perform both Ig G and Ig M Western blots.For serologic testing, the CDC recommends a two-tier testing procedure, as follows Western blot testing is performed only if step 1 test results are positive or equivocal.If signs and symptoms have been present for 30 days or less, both Ig M and Ig G Western blot testing are performed; if signs and symptoms have been present for more than 30 days, only Ig G Western blot testing is performed.

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Researchers eventually identified the bacteria that caused the illness in 1982.

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