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The main child rights issue facing children in Mongolia is child maltreatment including violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

In 1998, it was estimated that one in every two children experiences violence.

Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated.

Australia Awards alumna Undrakh Chinchuluun was one of those founders of the Princess Centre.Mongolia continued to experience economic difficulties including growing public debt and reduced foreign investment.Corruption, the alignment of politicians and powerful business interests, and politicization of the media remained key challenges to freedom and democracy. Electoral Process: 11 / 12 Under the 1992 constitution, the president and the 76-member parliament (the State Great Khural) are both directly elected for four-year terms.Now the Centre’s Executive Director, she completed her Master’s in Human Rights Law and Policy from the University of New South Wales under the Australia Awards scholarships program in 2013.The Princess Centre focuses on young women aged 14 to 20, and is the only organisation in Mongolia running programs on young motherhood and raising awareness, providing services specifically for young mothers.

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