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The Career for the sim could be anything you want, For example a Real life musician could become a Doctor or a Scientist. Goal: complete all aspirations as quickly as possible. 7) can have a job (of any kind) 8) can have as many kids as you want 9) kids may not move out 10) you may keep the 20,000 simoleon marriage bonus once throughout challenge, but it must go towards the house.

Unlocking a genre involves getting an employee to a specific level or higher in a specific career.Hanna is dating Caleb — who did not die after getting shot — but she's also received a lot of attention from Wren, Melissa's ex-fiancee. Last season Hanna made sure that Mona stayed put in Rosewood, going so far as to testify on her former BFF's behalf.Spencer recently lost her virginity to Toby, ignorant to the fact that he's working with Mona.And now it's not." Goulding denied a romance."We've known each other for a few years," Goulding told ."I think he's a really nice guy and a brilliant musician.

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Genres and types are an important aspect when making a game, as each game can only have one, and the ones you choose can greatly affect sales.

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