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From your hotel in Cancun, you’re picked up in the morning for the drive to Chichen Itza, considered the most important archaeological zone in the Yucatán.En route to the ancient Maya capital, stop to explore the natural wonders of a nearby cenote — either Ik Kil or Hubiku — depending on which area is less populated on the day of your tour.To date, discussions around climate justice within Scottish policy have largely focussed on international dimensions.In book: Estudio Nacional del Agua (2010), Chapter: Alteraciones del Régimen Hidrológico y de la Oferta Hídrica por Variabilidad y Cambio Climático, Publisher: IDEAM-Colombia, Editors: IDEAM-Colombia, pp.282-320ABSTRACT: Purpose: This paper aims to assess whether governance processes that are taking place in the Chinchiná River basin, a coffee culture region in the Andean region of Colombia, are adaptive to climate variability and climate extremes.You’ll learn from your certified guide why the extraordinary architectural beauty and geographical location have led to Chichen Itza's designation as one of the New Wonders of the World.ABSTRACT: Purpose: This paper aims to assess whether governance processes that are taking place in the Chinchiná River basin, a coffee culture region in the Andean region of Colombia, are adaptive to climate variability and climate extremes.ABSTRACT: This paper offers a commentary on and analysis of the articles in Loka Ashwood and Katherine Mac Tavish's special issue of The Journal of Rural Studies on the relationship between environmental justice studies and rural studies.

Visit the ball court, el Castillo (the Castle), Pyramid of Kukulkan and Temple of the Warriors.

An assessment is made comparing and contrasting the different suites of institutional capital (organizations, policy, and programs) in relation to drought and flood and their impact on different types, sizes, and sensitivities of agricultural producers.

This comparative analysis provides useful insights into what specific policies and programs build resilience and how this institutional capital is distributed amongst agricultural producers.

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Leave a Comment » Degree University & College Title AUTHOR Supervisor 1909 MA Liverpool The interaction of England and India during the early years of George III Dorothy DUDLEY 1917 BLitt Oxford The history of the occupation and rural administration of Bengal by the English Company from the time of Clive to the permanent settlement under Cornwallis W K FIRMINGER 1917 MA Liverpool The constitutional relations of the Marquess Wellesley with the home authorities Beatrice L FRAZER 1917 BLitt Oxford Agricultural cooperation in British India J MATTHAI 1921 BA Cambridge Relations between the Bombay government and the Marathi powers up to the year 1774 W S DESI 1921 MA Manchester The movement of opinion in England as regards Indian affairs, 1757-1773 E EMMETT Prof Muir 1921 MA Manchester The relations of the Mahrattas with the British power I Kathleen WALKER Prof Muir 1922 BLitt Oxford The history of Burma to 1824 G E HARVEY 1922 Ph D London Commercial relations between India and England, 1600-1757 B KRISHNA 1922 MSc London Agricultural problems and conditions in the Bombay Presidency, 1870-1914 M A TATA 1922 BLitt Oxford The Indian calico trade and its influence on English history P J THOMAS 1922 MSc London The cotton industry in India to 1757 J N VARMA Prof Sargeant 1922 Ph D Manchester The administration of Bengal under Warren Hastings Sophia WEITZMAN Prof Muir 1923 MA Manchester The administrative and judicial reforms of Lord Cornwallis in Bengal (excluding the permanent settlement) A ASPINALL Mr Higham 1923 MA Manchester The Residency of Oudh during the administration of Warren Hastings C C BRACEWELL Prof Davis 1923 MLitt Cambridge Industrial evolution of India in recent times D R GADGIL 1923 Ph D London The Punjab as a sovereign state, 1799-1839 GULSHAM LALL Prof Dodwell 1924 BLitt Oxford Development of the cotton industry in Indian from the early 19th century S DESOUANDE 1925 MA Liverpool Henry Dundas and the government of India, 1784-1800 Dorothy THORNTON Prof Veitch 1926 Ph D Cambridge The North West Frontier of India, 1890-1909, with a survey of policy since 1849 C C DAVIES 1927 Ph D Leeds A study of the development of agriculture in the Punjab and its economic effects K S BAJWA 1927 BLitt Oxford The military system of the Mahrattas: its origin and development from the time of the Shivaji to the fall of the Mahratta empire S SEN 1928 MA Birmingham The East India Company crisis, 1770-1773 R BEARD 1928 Ph D Edinburgh A comparative study of the woollen industry in Scotland and the Punjab J W SIRAJUDDIN Dr Rankin 1929 Ph D London The relations of the Governor-General and council with the Governor and council of Madras under the Regulating Act of 1773 A Das GUPTA Prof Dodwell 1929 Ph D London, LSE The evolution of Indian income tax, 1860-1922: a historical, critical and comparative study J P NIYOGI 1929 Ph D London Development of Indian ralways, 1842-1928 N SANYAL Prof Foxwell; Dr Slater 1930 Ph D London Financial history of Mysore, 1799-1831 M H GOPAL Dr Slater; Prof Dodwell 1930 BLitt Oxford, St Cath’s Soc The development of political institutions in the state of Travancore, 1885-1924 V M ITTYERAH 1930 BLitt Oxford Sir Charles Crosthwaite and the consolidation of Burma Mys J MAY-OUNG 1930 Ph D London, SOAS Revenue administration of the Sirkars under the East India Company down to 1802 Lanka SUNDERAM 1930 Ph D London, LSE Hastings’ experiments in the judicial administration N J M YUSUF 1931 Ph D London State policy and economic development in Mysore State since 1881 UDAYAM ABHAYAMBAL Miss Anstey 1931 Ph D London The origin and early history of public debt in India P DATTA Prof Coatman 1931 MA London Lord Macaulay and the Indian Legislative Council C D DHARKAR Prof Dodwell 1931 MA London The bilingual problem in Ceylon T D JAYASURIYA 1931 Ph D London; LSE Study of agricultural cooperation in India based upon foreign experience H L PASRICHA Prof Gregory 1931 Ph D London, UC The administration of Mysore under Sir Mark Cubbon.

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Recommendations for improving institutional capital and its equitable distribution are made. (2016) Canadian, Argentinean, and Colombian Programs Building Resiliency to Extreme Events.

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