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All for the crime of being a woman talking about women in video games.

No, not for being a woman talking about video games.

My stomach sank as I read through the appalling list of comments, but I knew I was seeing something that is far too common.

Here’s the latest video from the series I created with Three Day Rule. In fact, I only have one over-arching pre-requisite for any guy I date: he has to be a gentleman. Or, conversely, a guy that only wanted to date petite women. Because 5’11 women remind men of models, which conveys a sense of status in being able to snag such a catch.

The guy was older (21 I think), and ex's best friend told him "if you touch her I'll kill you" earlier in the night. She described it to me as "not at all gentle." The day after he told her not to talk about it, and he never talked to her again.

I confess that I still fantasize and masturbate to the thought of it frequently. I don't think she'd ever had a real boyfriend or anything.

She was 17 and one of those skinny, shy girls (decent tits though) who hadn't been hot long enough to realize that guys were drooling over her.

For being a woman who had announced that she would, As vile as this story is, it’s depressingly unsurprising.

That’s the worst part, that this isn’t some isolated incident.

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