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One year ago I found myself on Amazon reading reviews on P90X after watching the infomercial. The advice on here was basically, yeah P90X is tough and if you are really out of shape you can do it, but you should consider the predecessor Power 90. Every 30 days just as I felt like, "hey I this aint so bad I can almost keep up" they made it tougher. After completing Power 90 and P90X my friends tease me I am half the man I used to be. Plus there is the support community of beachbody customers and coaches.I was unhappy with my body and my life in general and knew that I was at the breaking point. After reading that a number of times it sunk in and I bought Power 90 instead. My last bit of advice is to not go cheap and try to get this program at a steep discount. Honestly we didn't make it through 90 days - we probably only lasted a month. Having mostly the same workout video every day gets old really quick.

* Lucas has forgiven Sami a million times but has also done his fair share of bad deeds. He had a fling with rock star, Cherish, and then moved on to loving Carrie Brady, who was dating (his brother) Austin.

He and Sami became best friends and often conspired to break Austin and Carrie up so that Sami could be with Austin and he could be with Carrie.

Lucas found that his father was Bill Horton, which made his relationship a strain with Kate.

* Had a fling with Adrienne Kiriakis that turned into love and then an engagement.

* Goes back and forth to Los Angeles after Sami moved there.

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Having someone else tell me what to do seemed a lot easier, in that regard.

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