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I feel that if I walked around saying “I would NEVER date a meat eater! I learned things, my perspective widened, and I found out lots of stuff that I couldn’t ignore. Going vegan usually means having to deal with a lot negativity, sometimes from loved ones and definitely from strangers (hospitality staff, co-workers, trolls on the internet . It has to be well thought out, compassionate, healthy and logical. Even if he doesn’t want to be a vegan, he should at least respect that about me. ” that would turn people off and re-enforce a negative stereotype that vegans are extreme and extend more compassion to animals than fellow human beings. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer to this question; it’s completely personal. So, I guess all I would ask of my future loved one, is that they don’t contribute any judgement or negativity that I already get in spades. If I was with someone who ate meat and he gradually learned and became inspired to stop contributing to animal cruelty? I didn't make it a rule to only date vegans, I only promised myself I'd respect my own feelings, beliefs and truths.I was not going to hide my vegan lifestyle, and I was going pay attention to whether or not I was comfortable dating those who consumed animal products. If love is about being true to one's heart, wouldn't that include being true to one's love for animals?Their respect for you will not necessarily turn them into vegan, but they will start to understand your perspective and respect your decision, which is the foundation to a successful relationship.But first, lets go over the period that doesn’t involve hand feeding each other chicken wings and staring into each others eyes over a chocolate fondue.

The answer was complex, certainly not black and white.

In the midst of the talk she advised, "Don't tell them you're vegan." She was concerned that by revealing my animal-free lifestyle, I might scare prospective suitors off. Veganism is a huge and bright light in my life, and I was not going to sweep it under the carpet for fear of being single.

I worried, as she did, that the word "vegan" could trigger fear in the heart of the average NYC male. I became vegan by "living my truth" (to borrow a phrase from author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau), was I really going to find love by living a lie? I, like so many other women, had been working to twist and contort myself into the perfect mold of the desirable date. I don't know what struck this faith in my heart that being true to myself was the answer, but I realized that I needed to pay attention to my own feelings and comfort levels -- and not try so hard to fit a generic format that was rumored to be the ticket to love (and wasn't working for anyone I knew).

Some won’t have meat in the house, others won’t even hug somewhere wearing a leather jacket and many contemplate whether they could even have a relationship with an omnivore.

I for one, have experienced many dimensions of the dating world, yet winding up in a situation where my status changes to ‘in a relationship’, with someone who doesn’t share the same vegan title, has made dating that bit more interesting.

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