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I have friends who are devastated at the results of this election and of my support for Donald Trump.

How do I tell them the truth in a way that does not push them further into their viewpoints?

Here’s a look at what we’ve found out there this year.

on Google Maps isn’t exactly new — the team released the same joke back in 2015 — but perhaps it’s done so again because of how popular it was when it first came around.

Richard Spencer, publisher of Alternative Right.com, describes the Alt-Right as essentially “trying to build a philosophy, an ideology around identity, European identity.” Jared Taylor, the editor of editor Peter Brimelow to describe the movement, explained, "The alt right accepts that race is a biological fact and that it’s a significant aspect of individual and group identity and that any attempt to create a society in which race can be made not to matter will fail." 5.

The Alt-Right loves Christendom but rejects Christianity.

”Question 4: [] - “I would like to inquire about the proposition that Reason is a ‘higher power.’ Adherents of Judeo-Christian philosophy frequently say that we cannot have morality without a higher power such as God. ”Question 5: [] – “Why we use the word ‘deserve’ and what does it mean?

She’s a pretty woman – slender, petite, well-educated and intelligent.

While some might argue that this is a good thing, most demographics experts would disagree, as would, it appears, an awful lot of those 30-something single women.

While Whitehead correctly identifies the general problem, she is as clueless as the next feminist as to how to go about solving it. That’s eight quality men who won’t be marrying a high-powered career girl right there.

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© Stefan Molyneux Question 2: [] - “What are your thoughts on the coming fourth wave of feminism?

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